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Become a star networker.

The fresh new way to exchange information with the people you meet.

Tired of business cards, messy notes and blank emails? Easily get the information of the people you meet. Capture and share the moments to remember when, where & why.

A new experience. No more awkard silence

Business Cards reinvented. Your phone is all you need.

Roger remembers when, where and why you met someone

Record audio & location of your meetings. Relive the best ones.

Perfect for face-to-face meetings and networking

Capture the meeting with a photo. Put a name with a face.

Easily share-back your info for a follow-up

Key contact info is seamlessly exchanged. Automatic follow-up.

Perfect for networking at events and meetups.
Easily exchange contact info using your mobile phone.

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“ Email or telephone number, selfie, done. I'm a huge fan of apps that simplify your life and Roger is definitely one of them. ”
Manuel Frigerio

Manuel Frigerio, Co-Founder of

Save the moment. It's dead simple.
Roger will automatically capture the place of the meeting and send a follow-up email.

Know your contacts.
Roger goes way beyond the contact information.

Roger: Get the contact

Search by context

Browse your new contacts by name, location, time. Call, text and mail in one tap.


Remember your meetings.

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Available on the App Store

Roger: Get the contact

More than a handshake

See the face. Hear the voice. Re-live the moment.

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